Our Utility Experts

Nick Campbell

Energy Market Analyst | Energy Trader | Media Commentator

Nick has managed flexible energy procurement solutions for some of the largest organisations in the UK, specialising in market analysis, energy trading and strategy. He is a frequent media commentator in leading national publications, has a Masters in Energy and is FCA accredited.

Dorian Lucas

UK Energy Trader | Risk Manager

Dorian has devised and implemented bespoke trading strategies for some of the UK’s largest businesses. He holds a qualification from the STA which enables him to provide an in-depth view of wholesale energy prices across the UK and Europe.

Steven Pye

Optimisation Manager

Steven has over 30 years’ experience within the energy field, operating on both sides of the fence as a consultant and energy manager. Supporting clients on non-procurement issues notably energy efficiency, corporate social responsibility, generation, renewables and legislation.

Robin Preston

Energy Consultant

Over 20 years’ experience within the industry, working alongside major energy supplies including two out of the big six, Npower and E-on.  Robin has taken an active and influential role in product development.

Emma Hird

Energy and Compliance Consultant

Richard Sullivan

Marketing Director

Nick Campbell