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Optimise the Value of Every Pound Spent on your Utilities


With Brexit looming and uncertainty swirling around every business, the need to optimise the value of every pound spent on utilities has never been more vital.

Join us at the Utility Insights Forum where together with our experts, we will help you understand, prioritise and simplify the current and future energy challenges and develop a plan for your business to become an energy powerhouse.

Date: 26/03/2019

Location: Elliot House, Manchester, M3 3WD


09:30 – Registration

10.00 – Seminar

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – Close

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What does a best practice Energy Management Plan look like? We will take you through the four key aspects necessary to build your plan:

1. Buy It Well

2. Use It Better

3. Make Your Own

4. Do it Right

Crystal Ball Time

How to make sense of energy prices and non-commodity charges.

The B Word

The impact of Brexit on the energy markets and legislation.

Take Back Control

How to tailor an Energy Risk Management Strategy that’s right for your business.

Beyond Compliance

Make ESOS and SECR a revenue positive exercise for your business.

Cost or Investment

Your Energy Management Plan made simple.

Who should attend?

Our Forums are designed for individuals/teams at commercial, industrial and public sector businesses typically spending over £500,000 on utilities per annum and with responsibility for:

> Buying, using or managing utilities or ensuring compliance with energy and carbon legislation and reporting.

From Finance Directors to Procurement Leaders and Energy Managers, our Forums will arm you with powerful insights to ensure you are better educated, engaged and empowered to deliver energy management success for your business.


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Why should you attend?

Like with any other cost within a business, energy needs a plan. A plan that takes control of energy by identifying and mitigating risks, avoiding unnecessary costs, making savings, being compliant with the law and generating new revenues.

Without a plan a business soon loses sight of its energy costs. However, energy costs, can in a matter of a few days, soon undo all the good work you have done over the last year.

Therefore, it makes sense to apply the same rigour to planning energy as you would to any other cost item that is deemed mission-critical to the success of your business.

Our Forums will help you develop your plan to make your business an energy powerhouse, so that you can keep pace with the ever-changing world of energy and allow your business to focus on what it does best.


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Nick Campbell

Energy Market Analyst | Energy Trader | Media Commentator

Dorian Lucas

UK Energy Trader | Risk Manager

Steven Pye

Optimisation Manager

Robin Preston

Energy Consultant